Mission Control

There are a number of reasons for failure of a program (projects or businesses) e.g.

  • Objectives are not defined
  • Lack of focus
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Team break ups
  • Sub-optimal tools and systems
  • Lack of resources e.g. funds
  • Risks and incidents
  • Missing or ineffective business plans
  • Remedial Actions not closed on time
  • failure in meeting stakeholders expectations

Our mission control service has been designed to provide solutions to the above problems. This comes with a technology enabled standard processes powered by skilled people to deliver your project in compliance with our governance and controls framework designed to stop things from going wrong and speed up the delivery while saving cost, time and the objective.

The service help you in planning your program, decision-making, getting things done and compliance with governance and controls framework.

The fee starts at RM8 per hours times number of agreed hours depending on the scope of your program.

We provide this service through Better World Makers Network , our global network of social innovators and entrepreneurs.

If you have a project to deliver, choose the current stage of your project below to submit your request to create a program for that. Please copy BNW#20161101 and paste it when you are promoted to provide the entrolment key:

  • Design
  • Evaluate
  • Resource
  • Build
  • Operate
  • Replicate
  • Evolve