Operations Control

Lack of business controls and management framework is one of the main challenges small business face when they try to scale their business operation or replicate their success to other parts of the country or world. Lack of systems makes it hard for them to manage the business operations and risks without monitoring in person or finding someone they can trust.

To help transition from a micro startup to a macro enterprise, we offer a business management dashboard service that enable managing your growing business without having to attend it in person.
Fee is USD500 per month.


We develop and maintain business dashboard for businesses help Entrepreneurs focus on their business development and Growth without having to spend time on managing existing customers or routine operation. The scope of operations control service includes the following:

  • Plan: Business plan as provided by the client for purpose of comparison vs actual performance.
  • Risks: monitoring of approved controls to mitigate business risks. It also includes appraisal of risks and controls on a periodical basis. For examples, stocks and bank reconciliations etc.
  • Actions: monitoring and follow up of remedial actions assigned to actions parties to fix gaps between actual performance and business plan
  • Cashflow: Projected cashflow for rolling 6 months based on actual numbers from the accounting system
  • Stakeholders: Shareholders, Directors, Customers, Suppliers, Employees and Regulators. For example, timely payment to supplier, timely submission of regulatory returns, monitoring of EVP or CVP KPIs, if any etc.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All Supporting documents for booking will be numbered and scanned to a specified folder in the cloud on a daily basis.

  2. A focal point contact number should be provided to answer any questions on the scanned documents – particularly if the documents are not in English

  3. A focal point (from your lawyer/corporate secretary/auditors) to be provided to answer any questions on regulatory returns

  4. All emails/chat message are expected to be replied immediately or within the day in exceptional circumstances for better coordination.

  5. Transactions dated prior to the date of commencement of services will be charged separately.

  6. The above does not include raising sales invoices to your customers being a front office activity

  7. Physical stock taking is not included

  8. Any additional controls other than bank and inventory reconciliation may cost you additional fee.

  9. Number of transactions more than 250 per month, number of employees more than 5 for payroll and number of products more than 25  may result in additional fee.

  10. One time System set up fee equivalent to the monthly fee will be charged.

  11. The monthly fee is  payable within the first week of the month in advance.